Stranded Without Travel Insurance – The Ultimate Disaster

So many travellers uncheck the little box when prompted to buy single trip travel insurance when going on a holiday. It’s al very well to opt out of a suggested policy, but you certainly should not opt out all together. Getting a good policy is just as important as buying your plane tickets and getting your hotel bookings done. Many travellers have experienced, at their peril, that it certainly not the thing to leave off your to do list.


A decent single trip travel insurance policy will cover your medical bills should anything happen to you when you are on your trip. The number of people who need to get admitted to hospital for food poisoning or even more serious medical problems is huge. Medical bills in foreign countries can literally hit the roof, especially when you are travelling in a country where the exchange rate is much higher. Imagine being in somewhere like Kuwait and finding yourself in a hospital with no medical cover? Even if you are traveling in a remote area where medical assistance is not available, will a good policy you will be covered to be airlifted or transported to the nearest hospital.

Personal belongings

A common occurrence on a break away, especially with a young family, is losing personal items. People so often lose their phones, cameras or tablets, but worse still, there is always a threat of a mugging while travelling abroad. A good single trip travel insurance policy will cover you for lost or stolen items. You can travel stress free knowing you’ll get a replacement or reimbursed for any personal items lost or stolen.
Luggage gone AWOL

Have you ever experienced the case of arriving at your dream destination only to find your luggage is at some completely other destination? This can be a very frustrating experience since, naturally, everything you need is in your bag. With an appropriate policy your inconvenience is lessened considerably because you will receive instant cash to buy necessities until your bags are reunited with you. You can buy clothes and personal products to tide you over and still carry on with your holiday fun until the bags arrive.

Emergency situations

Emergencies have a habit of popping up at the wrong time – that’s why they are emergencies! When you’ve organised all your travel arrangements down to a T, the last thing you need is something to crop up where you need to shuffle all your plans around and cancel bookings. Rescheduling and cancellations don’t come free; you may end up forking out money to pay for penalties and cancellation charges. With a single trip travel insurance policy, your insurer can take care of all your rescheduling and cancellations and/or get you back home as soon as possible.