About Apple iPod Shuffle

The iPod shuffle was the first even model of iPods to imbibe a flash memory. It was launched for the first time in January 2005, and since then one more generation has been launched. Weighing just about 15gms, the iPod Shuffle was developed for the hardcore traveler who just could not do without music. When it was introduced along with the iPod Nano, the Shuffle was the smallest device ever to be made by apple.

The first generation of iPod Shuffle was one of the most basic audio devices to be marketed by apple. It had no screen and was available only in white color. It resembled a pen-drive in structure, except for the trademark apple ‘click rotate’ button and was available only in the 512MB and 1 GB versions in its first launch in January ’05. The first Gen iPod shuffle worked on Mac 10.2 OS and was also compliant with windows 2000 OS. It was a USB based device- the fact that played a pivotal role in enhancing the portability and the popularity of the device. Some problems were detected in the first generation model of the iPod shuffle and it was not able to mount on the system at times. These problems were looked into more deeply, and the second generation of the iPod Shuffle was launched in September ’06 along with the iPod Nano and the iPod video.

The newer model boasted of a smaller clip design, which was more convenient to carry than the longer pen-drive design, anodized aluminum body in four colors, better and improved tech-specs and longer effective battery life. The colors available with the new Shuffle are pink, orange, green and blue. There was one shortcoming that had hampered the success of the initial iPod shuffle- the low memory capacity. This thing was kept in mind and the 2GB version of the second generation of the iPod shuffle was launched on February ’08.